I am happy. Relationships with mine and Ander’s friends are more tight-knit and mature than ever (and not just those friends everyone knows about). I have figured out people’s true intentions and have cautioned myself away from the few toxic ones. I am closer than comfort ever to Ander’s family and relatives, as he is with mine, that we even joke about switching families now. My freelance “job” is seriously raking it in within the past year, and I earn more than enough to cover all the bills, a few wants, and some — all while giving me the luxury of doing whatever else I want, in my own time. Ander is finally showing interest in helping his dad manage their company — something I’ve been pushing him to do the past few years. We also have XX trips booked within the next year on top of that. I am happy. I do want to list down all the reasons as to why but I really can’t due to the freedom the internet has given to a lot of people. Sa ‘min na lang ‘yong iba.

So here I go, pretty much telling the world that, yes, we are #blessed, not just with worldly things, but with experience, love, life, and genuine happiness.


Disclaimer: I know I mentioned about not liking “maintstream blogging” before. I am being a bit hypocritical now about my stance on generic photographs overlaid with pa-deep quotes. Am I cool now?

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