What she loves and what she doesn’t


Pink, cherry blossoms, cats, ragdolls, persians, snow globes, music boxes, Starbucks sakura, Audrey Hepburn, Blair Waldorf, Paris, eiffel tower, pretty perfume bottles, Pandora, watercolour, pastel, peonies, tulips, light pink roses, fresh flowers, Hello Kitty, Charmmy Kitty, Marie, macarons, cupcakes, gums, cotton candy, gummy candy, truffles, beautiful pastries, ravioli, pesto, foie gras, coffee, tea, mustard, spicy food, cinnamon, strawberries, peaches, spearmint, jelly beans, margaritas, sushi, Japanese, Italian, French and Korean cuisines, laces, bows, anything vintage and girly, shabby chic, country style stuff, bokeh, jazz, bossa, indie, smell of an old book, books in general, em dash, Ladurée, designer bags, shopping, traveling, baking, cooking, sketching, night drives, beaches, cars (okay, these are all I could think of now. Will update from time to time)


Roaches, okra, liquorice, cilantro, Maleficent, history, bluish computer screens, slow internet connections, people who take forever to respond, know-it-alls, people who act entitled, conceited people, liars, manipulators, victim-card playing, being sick, competitions, double standards, racism, (too much) religion, insecurities, being annoyed, sarcasm, heartbreaks, goodbyes, losing sleep, stress, anxiety, sleep paralysis, being waken up by noise, being caught in a traffic jam, driving slow, public transportation, heat, waiting, crowds, inane babbling, unaccountability, overreactions, circular arguments, improper grammar and syntax, narcissism, cramming, pretentions fakeness, social climbers, gold diggers, hypocrites, COPYCATS